Modifications & Upgradations
The company has held CEMILAC (Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification) approval for carrying out modification and upgradation activities on Military aircraft.

We have successfully modified and delivered a number of Fixed-Wing and Rotary-Wing platforms on Military aircraft. Our capabilities to accomplish the same include design, development, installation, commissioning and flight testing to check for final Certification of Airworthiness.
Fixed-Wing Platform Projects:
  • Installation of ELINT System on B737-200
  • Installation of SIGINT System on B707
  • Assembly of KT-1 Turboprop Trainer Aircraft
  • ACMI Modification on Mig-21 BISON Aircraft
  • Installation of VOR / ILS on Mig-21 Aircraft
  • Installation of RWR (TARANG) System on Mig-21
  • Installation of NRV in Ventral Fin on Mig-21
  • Reliable Improvement Power Supply Modification on Mig-21
  • Looms/panels servicing and Airframe tasks on Mig-21
  • Replacement of De-Icer boot on AVRO Aircraft
  • Installation of Control Cable on AVRO Aircraft
  • Repair of Integral Fuel Tank Leak on AVRO Aircraft
  • Servicing of DO-228 aircraft
Rotary-Wing Platform Projects:
  • Installation of SAR Homing system on (Alouette) Chetak Aircraft
  • Modification and Integration of EO/IR payload and its associated system on MI-17V5 Aircraft
  • Manufacture and Supply of Modification Kits for Installation of EO/IR payload and associated system on MI-17 V5 Aircraft
  • Installation of Satellite Phone Antenna on MI-171V Aircraft