Manufacture & Supply of Defense Products
Installation of Weapon Systems
Max Aerospace has vast experience in design and installation of cost effective mission system and the capability to upgrade for Aircrafts. Our proven engineering solutions and flexible system architecture can be adapted for various aircrafts & helicopters to meet a wide range of mission requirements.

Max provides integrated air weapon systems for multi-role helicopters and aircrafts while maintaining simplicity of use people's safety. Taking its safety & use into consideration it develops and provides fully integrated airborne weapon systems equipped with combat proven solutions, automatic machine guns that offer reliability, accuracy, simplicity and Safety. More than just supplying weapon systems, Max develops the complete integration of the system together with the installation. The company supervises the installation of all its products and provides high-quality after-sales service to meet our customers' requirements.
Max AeroSpace is licensed to assemble and manufacture UAV's and UCAV's. In addition we have the complete MRO capability for a variety of UAV's manufactured. We have a strong UAV support and operations ability and have conducted operations for the Indian Government in both peaceful and hostile theatres.

Self-contained Smoke Generator Pods & Dyes for colored smoke generation
Max AeroSpace represents Sanders Smoke Technologies Inc. for supply, integration and after-market services for self-contained Smoke Generator Pods in India. The company is also actively engaged in development of dyes to be used for colored smoke.